Ilmstrá Uplifting Lemongrass & Orange

4.490 kr.


The Reed Diffusers contain the same essential oils as the candles but practically diffused and designed to constantly aid your state of mind, whether you want boosting or calming.  Extra points for a cool design to suit all homes and interiors.

Uplifting Lemongrass & Orange: Do you need some extra energy?  Lemongrass & Orange bursts with a clean and fresh citrus aroma which revives and energises both body and soul.  It lifts mental energy during morning yoga just as well as it enhances concentration during homework sessions.  Quite simply the ideal candle for perking up to.

Essential oils, (natural plant extracts) from trees, roots, fruit, bushes, sap and flowers are of course chosen for their pleasant fragrances but the primary benefits are their claimed healing properties. There are several ways of extracting the oils but steam distillation is the most common method. Essential oils are considered to affect the body holistically – including hormone production, musculature, the circulatory system, mood, digestion and the internal organs. The essential oils in Klinta’s Aromaterapi Collection reach the body through inhalation. Essential oils that invigorate, calm, aid and ease while simultaneously adding a touch of luxury to the everyday. Light, breathe, enjoy!