Sjávarsalt, Lavender & Osmanthus 300 gr.

2.190 kr.


Klinta’s raw and natural sea salt has been harvested, cleaned and sieved by hand and as a result has
kept all of its minerals and nourshing ingredients. The salt cleanses, stimulates and softens the skin but
also helps on the inside by reducing blood pressure, soothing arthritic and muscle pain whilst also
being fantastically detoxifying and purifying.

This is how you use it: In a footbath, bathtub or as a scrub in the shower. Feel free to use the enclosed organza bag! You can also use the salt as a scrub, either as it is or blended with vegetable oil, which would help with moisturizise.

Sea salt is a natural detoxifier that cleanses the skin. Follow these steps: Put on some of your favourite music, light a few candles and lock the bathroom door. Mix a little sea salt with water or vegetable oil (olive oil is perfect for this!), apply to your skin and enjoy the fantastic fragrances for a minute or so before you step into the shower. Gently massage in the salt mixture while under the shower. This won’t only help purify your skin, but it will also exfoliate dead skin cells that are then easily rinsed away.

Our salt is blended with dried herbs and flowers as well as essential oils and is free from both artificial colours and preservatives:

Lavender & Osmanthus – Relaxing, mentally fortifying and great against anxiety and stress. Contains: sea salt, dried lavender, calendula and osmanthus with essential oils. Nothing else.