Ilmkerti Lemongrass 18 klst

1.990 kr.

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Vegan ilmkerti frá Klinta, val um 2 stærðir 18 klst. lítið og 45 klst. stórt

There are lots of vegan alternatives on the market when it comes to candles and reed diffusers. But as far as we’re concerned a vegan candle needs to be good for everything and everyone. It’s not enough that the product doesn’t contain any animal ingredients. It’s equally as important that animals, the environment and people aren’t in anyway harmed along the journey to production. It’s just as important too that the ingredients are pure and taken directly from the plant kingdom so that neither you nor anyone around you suffers when you burn your candle. It goes without saying, or does it? With VEGAN you get all of this and a bit more. We hope you get to fully appreciate the aromatic fragrances and the resultant clear conscience!

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